Dear Members,

For those who were unable to attend yesterday’s all-member meeting, here are the important details:

  1. Three Executive Board positions were unanimously voted in, as the nominees were running unopposed. Kathy Butler (President, incumbent), Michele Wickman (Secretary), and Cassity Stroud (Parliamentarian/Bylaws).
  2. Exciting news about Collective Bargaining! SEA is partnering with the local firefighter’s association (Stafford Professional Firefighters Local 4012) in our campaign for contract negotiations. We’re going to work together over the next year, gathering support from stakeholders and the community. SEA had a fantastic meeting with their leader last week, discovered many common issues between us, and brainstormed a lot of ways we can unite to bring Collective Bargaining to Stafford County. We’re incredibly excited about this partnership. You won’t just see red over the next year; we’re going to be red and yellow.
  3. Our UniServ director, Robin Gardner, announced that she has accepted a transfer to Virginia Beach. Though devastated to see her go, we are so incredibly grateful for the unwavering support Robin has provided to the educators of Stafford County. You’ll be missed, Mama Bear. Put your toes in the sand for us.

    As we move into serious campaigning for contract negotiations, membership is more important than ever. While collective bargaining will be a game-changer for our contracts, only SEA members get to vote on contract ratification. You can help the cause by encouraging new educators (or friends who haven’t joined yet!) to become members.

    Here’s a PDF that gives a pretty good visual description of what collective bargaining can do for us. No more “other duties as assigned”. How about a guaranteed duty-free lunch? Reduced class sizes? These things, and so much more, can be written into our contracts if we get the School Board to agree to collective bargaining.

    Stay tuned for the next steps on bringing contract negotiations to Stafford. And we hope to see you in RED next Tuesday.


    The SEA Executive Board