February 1st  SEA MEMBER ONLY meeting with Dr. Taylor to get an overview of the budget. If you have questions or clarification about the budget, Robin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Please see your e-mail for the link.

We will take a membership vote after the presentation on whether to support his budget.

February 2nd  SEA Collective Bargaining Training – How to talk to members/nonmembers about collective bargaining and the process moving forward? Nonmembers are welcome to this because it will take everyone to get us to the table. https://veanea.zoom.us/j/81496490932?pwd=WURVd3BONlVva2J3NnUwcHpxREVTdz09

March 31-April 2nd  VEA Convention – Virtual There is still plenty of space available for you to be a SEA Delegate to the convention. Want to draft an NBI to help you in your profession? Want to have a say in what VEA focuses on for educators? Sign up to attend and have your voice heard.

Have you asked your colleagues to join SEA? As we start to prepare for our card campaign for bargaining, the more members we have, the quicker we get to the bargaining table. https://forms.veanea.net/view.php?id=39481

Things are happening every day so reach out and let us know what you need and how you want to be part of the union.  

In Solidarity,

Kathy, Laura, Christina, and Jenn