The Stafford Education Association is announcing our campaign to win the right to collectively bargain with Stafford County Public Schools.

The Stafford Education Association is the union for Stafford County Public School employees. The SEA works to unite our members and our local community of Stafford in advocating for a high-quality educational system that supports and respects our students, staff, and families.

SCPS employees deserve a voice in writing our contracts. We don’t want decisions about us made without us, and we deserve other duties as negotiated! The SEA wants to win the right to bargain for all support staff and licensed staff in non-administrative positions. This would include all transportation, food service, nurses, librarians, teachers, paraprofessionals, administrative assistants, and many more positions throughout the school division.

The SEA is excited to work with the School Board to pass a fair resolution that allows for meaningful collective bargaining to take place. Based on the success that we’ve seen in other school divisions, we anticipate collective bargaining will improve staff retention and recruitment, open up communication between employees and the School Board, and support the School Board’s budget advocacy.

Our working conditions are students’ learning conditions. A fair collective bargaining process can only benefit the staff, students, and families of Stafford County Public Schools.