Dear Members,

It is with mixed feelings that we share with you that Laura Brewer, SEA Vice President, has resigned from her position as a bus driver with SCPS. We are sad to see Laura leave, but excited to see her choosing her best life. In her own words:

Hi Friends,

I wanted to take this time to tell you that I will be stepping down as the Stafford Education Association Vice President. I have resigned my position as a School Bus Driver for SCPS and therefore am no longer eligible to be a member of the SEA. I want to thank you for allowing me to serve you, as it has been an honor and privilege to do so the past three years.

I’m actually not going too far. I will still be serving you but in another capacity. I will be working at the Mt. View UniServ Office.

With the Covid pandemic behind you it is time to come together. Educators are more powerful when you have a collective voice. Working together in a union allows you to make meaningful improvements not just to your pay and benefits, but for your students, profession, communities, and public education as well. In union there is strength.

In solidarity…..Laura

Per bylaws, when a member of the executive board is unable to fulfill his/her duty, a special election should be called. Secretary Michele Wickman will serve as acting Vice President while we undergo this process. We will accept nominations for the Vice President position in this Special Election. Duties are as follows:

Vice President (one year remaining on term)

The Vice President shall act for the President when the President is unable to perform the duties of the office

The Vice President shall advise and assist the President in regards to the mission and purposes of the Association.

The Vice President shall be in charge of the District Liaison’s program

Please send nominations via this Google form no later than close of business on Friday, July 15th. Nominees should send a brief biography/statement to Cassity Stroud ( to include in the ballot. Members will vote by electronic ballot on July 18th-20th.


SEA Executive Board

Per Virginia Code and SCPS Policy, discriminatory/retaliatory behavior following lawful actions is illegal. If you experience either, contact your SEA Building Rep, an Executive Board Member, or Mountain View UniServ Director